Wave Therapeutics Founder Faces Front Lines

Bill Haber | COO, Wave Therapeutics | April 9, 2020

Most who meet our Founder and CEO Jessica Bussert understand right away who she is. They easily see her intelligence, creativity, passion, and her constant desire to solve problems and help people. These qualities have driven her throughout an amazing career, and have resulted in starting a company to tackle the enormous problem of pressure ulcers that affects millions annually.

No Appetite for Inaction. What many may not know, as my post will make clear, is that she is all about action. When it comes to any opportunity to bring her skills, knowledge, and talent to helping others she’s all-in. Jessica does not sit on the sidelines in any crisis. She steps up to the challenge, and you’ll always find her on the front lines, facing things head-on. This trait has made her an entrepreneur, an emergency room nurse, a volunteer firefighter, a paramedic, and a consistently genuine human being. 

Wave Founder/CEO Jessica Bussert & Shadow

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Healthcare technology startups are used to being nimble and changing plans frequently, but this situation exploded quickly… it was different. From the moment on March 11th when The World Health Organization sounded the alarm about the reality of this global pandemic, Jessica took immediate notice. When her call came later that day, I was awestruck to learn how she wished to participate, and of our new modus operandi.  Jessica was determined that the healthcare emergency responders were struggling, and she had a role to play NOW.

New York City. Jessica would trade her cozy Nashville, Indiana home for a rented room and a gig at ground zero, heading into the belly of the beast. Where else could she contribute more? Having worked all over this country in various emergency rooms treating patients with a wide range of needs, she knew she could bring skills that make a difference. Jessica has accepted four (4) full-time 12-hour shifts per week for the next few months at a sizable medical center in Brooklyn. She will stay in a shared flat with other medical first responders only blocks from the hospital. She has never once hesitated, knowing the risks well and yet willing to put her life on the line to help save others. 

We’ve spent the last few weeks preparing for her to work reduced hours on company issues for now, and have shared our plans with our vendors and business partners. I have personally been moved by their support of her decision, and their encouragement. We know we’ll do our best to manage over the next few months, and Jessica will be making all attempts to stay engaged in key business issues. Jessica’s flight to New York leaves early tomorrow morning, and her emergency room shifts begin this weekend.

Follow Jessica’s Journey. We will be posting news here from Jessica’s front-line work on multiple blog posts over the coming weeks. We will also be providing shorter, more frequent glimpses of her journey on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Please feel free to follow, and support her and cheer her on as she deals with some rough days ahead. We’re all in this together! -BH [email protected]