Wave Helping with COVID-19 Vaccine Trials  | Jessica Bussert  |  Monday, November 2nd

I started this morning as I often do, by texting our COO, Bill Haber, a news article that I thought he would find interesting related to our business.  A moment later he sent a reply that he wasn’t going to be free to chat until later in the day.  At first I was a little surprised.  This is Bill?  The same guy who is often hard at work before 6am?  Out of curiosity I asked what he was up to.  That’s when he shared that he was participating in one of the important COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials currently being held.

I know many of you are not medical professionals so you might not be aware of the risks Bill was taking by participating in the trials of a new, untested drug.  Personally, I’m well aware…  I’ve been on both sides of those needles and have read plenty of horror stories of how they have gone wrong.  I’m also well aware of the countless lives that have been saved from the ravages of polio, smallpox, measles, and more, all because of the brave individuals who risked themselves to help better our world.

Bill gets vaccineMy friend Bill was one of those brave individuals.

This got me thinking about the other members of our team here at Wave.  I know that Sharon, so quiet and unassuming, had previously bought a house for a family in Africa.  She didn’t contribute to a house.  She bought the whole darn thing!  She has also been known to open her own home (and heart) to homeless strangers and travelers in distress.  Next, there is Ricardo, who worked with the disabled during college and later became a doctor to help address the disparities in our broken medical system.

And then there are the vendors we work with.  Our lead manufacturing partner made huge sacrifices during the pandemic to keep their doors open so their employees still had income for their families.  The plant manager at that facility?  He has personally volunteered in third world environments to help build wells and bring fresh drinking water to those in need.  Our primary product design company?  They consistently donate a significant amount of their profits to help the victims of human trafficking.  And that is only one of the many causes they help with.  It’s like that down the line.  We surround ourselves with good people doing good things for our world.

Folks, this is Wave Therapeutics and these are the amazing people who make up this organization.  I am so very honored to have the privilege of working with each of them day after day.  May the blessings they receive be as numerous as the ones they give.